Interior Designer 

Alfredo Häberli

A floor can only reveal patterns and textures at second glance. The only thing that is important is that it has an effect, triggers a feeling and underlines the character of the room.

The Floor Fields Design Edition is an appreciation of natural forms and textures. A homage to design classics, combined with unexpectedly new flooring perspectives. What is constructed makes use of the freedom of the unfinished in order to make room for individuality between order and chaos. The result is bold floors with a stylish understatement.

Alfredo Häberli

PARADOR Edition NEA Design Collection "Floor Fields Design,, - Alfredo Haberli

Zaha Hadid

The British architect and professor of architecture of Iraqi origins impresses the architectural world with her avant-garde, forward-looking visions.

 Her breakthrough came with the design of the fire station for the Vitra project in Weil am Rhein. Her works include the Hungerburgbahn cable car near Innsbruck and the Guangzhou Opera House. Furthermore, Hadid's architecture firm designs furniture, interior furnishings and everyday articles. Zaha Hadid was the first woman to be awarded the prestigious Pritzker Prize. 

Zaha Hadid KRYSTAL- PARADOR Edition 1 Laminate

Hadi Te­her­ani

Inspired by the Bauhaus movement and by conceptual architecture, Hadi Teherani takes the focus of his work as a way of meeting a comprehensive need to design, which also includes the product design and consultation stages.

His internationally acclaimed creations include the whole range of product and interior design, with which architecture is only atmospherically completed - from lights and modular kitchens through to floors. For Parador, Teherani has for the second time created innovative laminate and engineered wood flooring editions.

Hadi Teherani

Parador - Open Frameworks- Hadi Teherani- Oak Naturale


Ora-Ïto made headlines with a rather unconventional career path: the drop-out student thanks his status as a shooting star of the design scene to a magazine, which published his designer creations for Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Apple - designs for which there were no orders from the clients. He now has his own studio in Paris and works quite officially for big brands and companies. Here he designs furnishing objects as well as high-tech appliances, jewellery and perfume bottles. According to his "Simplexity" philosophy, a mixture of simple shapes and complex design processes, he created the "Swing Pod" seat for Cappellini and the "Everywhere" light for Artemide.


Ross Love­grove

A combination of material studies, biomorphic shapes and high-tech - that is the signature of the industrial designer Ross Lovegrove.

At the start of his career as a product designer, the Brit worked on the Walkman for Sony and on Apple's iMac computer; these days he is known for his organically shaped objects such as lights and chairs. His design style follows the logic and aesthetics of nature, whilst at the same time taking ergonomic requirements into account. 

Ross Lovegrove CIRCUIT BOARD- PARADOR Edition 1